When (one’s) life is experienced as painful, it is time to change one’s direction of orientation. This necessary change means becoming conscious (aware) of one’s own spirituality. Merely by “becoming conscious” (becoming aware) we are already in a position to transform energy and receive the strength to overcome the pain and suffering.

Independent of traditional conventions, every human being has his or her own access to spirituality. In order to activate and strengthen this “individual” access, there are two effective methods available:

1) finding (discovering) “peace” or “stillness” inside oneself – As there are countless individuals, and each one different, (all) religions offer a variety of types of meditation and prayer that serve as aids in discovering (finding) this inner peace (stillness) and lingering in it. May every individual find the method that appeals to and is suitable for him or her!
In addition, Choa Kok Sui developed the Meditation on Twin Hearts, which can be used as a supplement to any religious practice and which can contribute effectively towards recognizing one’s own individual spiritual path. - >> PPM

2) "helping and serving" – This, too, can take place in personal and diverse ways (donations – money, paying in kind or with time, etc, or services – neighbourly help, volunteer work, etc).
It is all about demonstrating an inner motivation to be generous and willing to help (without allowing oneself to be exploited): being of service to others also means acting intelligently. Discover your path and, above all, FOLLOW it!

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Pranic-Energy Healing Presentation - Ankara
Thursday, 07th Oktober 2021
Time: 7:30 pm - 9:30 pm

Fullmoon Meditation
20th Oktober 2021
19th November 2021
19th Dezember 2021
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