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Pranic - Energy Healing

Prana/Chi/Ki/Odem = life-force energy

When we speak of “prana”, we mean that energy which keeps the body alive and well. Regaining health in the case of illness or injury is always only a result of the body’s own powers to heal itself. Medication and a physician’s care are “merely” supportive accompanying measures on the road to recovery.

Pranic-Energy Healing – as the name implies – works with this pranic energy and through it brings about a natural strengthening and reinforcement of the body’s self-healing capacity, which leads to a – sometimes amazing – acceleration of the regenerative process. 

Because it works directly on the life-force energy, Pranic-Energy Healing is a highly efficient method of harmonising and stabilising the living energy body. Pranic-Energy Healing is a no-touch energetic healing technique, and because absolutely no chemicals are involved, all negative and physically harmful side effects are ruled out.   

Life-force energy – “prana” in Sanskrit (the old Indian language of the learned) – keeps our bodies alive, healthy, and vital. By means of Pranic-Energy Healing, the exchange (supply and discharge) of this universal life-force energy is channelled once again into the “healthy” course of flow, thus directly strengthening the self-healing capacity.

Pranic-Energy Healing makes it possible to substantially accelerate regeneration and rehabilitation, as well as to regain vitality and a zest for life. Pranic-Energy Healing has been empirically tested for decades, is highly effective, and represents a sensible supplement to orthodox medical treatments.

And how will Pranic-Energy Healing work for me? – APPOINTMENT

Pranic-Energy Healing is not intended to replace orthodox medicine, but rather, to complement it. If symptoms persist or if the ailment is severe, please consult a medical doctor and a Certified Pranic-Energy Healer immediately.

Upcoming Events
Pranic-Energy Healing Presentation - Ankara
Thursday, 07th Oktober 2021
Time: 7:30 pm - 9:30 pm

Fullmoon Meditation
20th Oktober 2021
19th November 2021
19th Dezember 2021
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