Pranic-Energy Healing: Its Application
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Andy w. Bayerschmid, Pranic-Energy Healer and trainer

Every living thing is individually unique. Nevertheless, there is one thing they all have in common: the need for life-force energy (prana). With Pranic-Energy Healing, the energy body of a living thing is cleansed and provided with fresh life-force energy (prana), so that the “system” regains its harmony and balance. This brings about an immediate increase in the power of self-healing and, with human beings, an improvement in their quality of life, because vitality and harmony lead to a successful daily life.

As there are generally no contraindications for employing Pranic-Energy Healing, the following areas of application only represent a small portion of the possibilities for its use.

Emergency-Line: For acute or chronic conditions!
• Lack of vitality
• Listlessness or lack of motivation
• Sleep disturbances
• Depression
• Neck pain and spinal problems 
• Functional physical and psychological disturbances
• Post-operative accompanying care
• Diseases of the joints
• Addiction issues
• Neuralgia
• Skin disorders

Beauty-Line: Beauty completely without operations or chemicals!
• Facial beauty (bags under the eyes, wrinkles,
   hair problems, etc)
• Stretch marks from pregnancy
• Weight loss
• Cellulite
• Double chin
• Varicose and spider veins

Wellness-Line: Feel well and remain active!
Sports injuries
• Recreational injuries
 Cleansing of energies and clearing of energy disturbances in
   living and work areas 

If you are interested, please feel welcome to make an appointment.
Experience Pranic Healing during application.

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